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from an s-u-v on the bishop ford expressway overnight. today, police are questioning the driver about the woman's death. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. exactly what happened remains a mystery. quite understandably the grief-stricken family unable to talk to reporters at this hour. investigators continue to question the 20 year-old driver.
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state police investigators say they're not sure yet. the driver of the vehicle clearly for the victim of the vehicle. cars were swerving here. there is a right truck right here. this seemed like he tossed something out. and those not a bed. police found the body of the 27 year- old. the investigators say he lost control on the 127th street exit. state police say this individual is not
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cooperating. in the meantime neighbors say they recognize the way to deceive the. they say it along to jennifer michel. >> the victim's parents are religious pastors. no word on any possible charges. two reputed gang members accused of shooting and killing 15- year-old hadiya pendleton are scheduled to appear in court today for a bond hearing.
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18-year-old micheail ward and 20-year-old kenneth williams are charged with hadiya pendleton's murder. police superintendent garry mccarthy says ward has confessed to pulling the trigger and williams is the accused getaway driver. detectives say the motive was revenge for a shooting back in july by a rival gang, in which williams was wounded. mccarthy says police made an arrest in that case, but williams refused to press charges. he says instead, on january 29th, ward and williams mistook hadiya pendleton and her friends for members of that rival gang and shot at them.. killing hadiya and injuring two others. rival gang goes and shoots girls? it was a volleyball team. it was not a rival gang thing. they were cowards. that is what you are. you're a coward. the chicago tribune reports ward was still on the street after he violated probation three times for break-ins and trespassing. in two of those cases the violations were never reported to the prosecutor or the judge. the director of the cook county probation office admits there was an oversight and he promises an investigation. family members of victims
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affected by gun violence are speaking live now in washington d.c. illinois senator dick durbin honors hadiya pendleton and several other victims of gun violence in chicago. during a hearing this morning. the meeting focused on how to crackdown on gun violence while also respecting the constitution's second amendment rights. durbin called for universal background checks on gun sales and limiting the number of bullets in magazines. he argued these proposals won't step-on a person's right to protect themselves. durbin also honored those whose lives were stolen because of gun violence. the student at northern illinois university with a bright future murdered in the classroom. a man with a history of mental illness. 16 years and full of promise killed while shielding his female friend from a gang member. chicago police officer a
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true american hero who dedicated his life to serving his country and has committed a killed by gang members with strong purchased guns. and in a powerful moment of unity, durbin then asked the friends and families of victims of gun violence to please stand. president obama will announce tonight that by this time next year, 34 thousand u-s troops in afghanistan will have returned home. the president will make the announcement when he delivers his "state of the union" address before congress and a tv audience of millions. admininistration officials say the economy will also be a major focus of tonight's address. the president will talk about his plans to boost the economy increase jobs, and expand the middle class. several local parents of gun victims will be attending the president's speech. carolyn murray will be sitting
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in the gallery at the state of the union tonight. her son, justin, was shot and killed in evanston, in november. he was not the intended target, and no one has been arrested. murray says she hopes to make lawmakers more aware of what's happening in the country. my son is not coming back. she hopes there is time to talk to the president. illinois senator mark kirk released a video statement today. urging president obama and congress to take a serious look at legislation to protect americans from gun violence. lukens and democrats in a way that is practical legislation. that actually passes the house
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and senate and actually save lives. kirk suffered a stroke the week before last year's state of the union address but plans to be there tonight. he returned to congress last month after a long rehabilitation. triumphantly walking up the steps of the capitol. cltv and wgn-tv dot com will carry the "state of the union" address tonight, and then senator marco rubio's g-o-p response. and the tea party's senator rand paul's response. political analyst paul lisnek will host a special edition of 'politics tonight' immediately afterward on cltv. the list is expected to come out this week. as another round of committee meetings began. the district has put out a list of 330 schools they say are under enrolled. i could top 100 based on criteria. the district faces
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a $1 billion deficit next year. new legislation is trying to lower the age kids start school in illinois. right now, children are not required to be in school until age seven. the age when most children are in second grade. experts say they should start at age five. so they don't miss out on those early years of learning. coming up next. the u.n. security council responds after north korea confirms it conducted its third nuclear bomb test. also ahead, the speculation as to who will replace outgoing pope benedict.
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north korea confirms it has conducted its third nuclear test, the first under leader kim jong un. the explosion yesterday has drawn world wide condemnation. even from china, a staunch ally of north korea. south korea estimates the bomb was about one third as powerful as the one dropped on hiroshima. north korea said the test was an
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act of self defense against "u-s hostility." the u-n security council met today and said it will begin work on "appropriate measures". despite north korea's claims of progress, analysts say it is years away from having the capabilities to deliver a nuclear warhead on a missle. president obama's pick for defense secretary faces his next big test today. the senate armed services committee will decide this afternoon on whether to advance chuck hagel's nomination. hagel sat through a bruising hearing back on janaury 31st. republicans went after him over his past statements and votes on israel, iran, iraq, and nuclear weapons. despite g-o-p criticism, the democratic-controlled committee is expected to vote in favor of him today. the entire senate could vote on his nomination either tomorrow or thursday. the vatican is dismissing reports that pope benedict the 16th's decision to step down was linked to a medical intervention to replace the battery in his pacemaker. this is the first time the vatican has mentioned a papal pacemaker which was installed years before benedict became pope. the pope blames it on old age and declining helath and the vatican says no specific ailment
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forced him resign already there's lots of guessing about who will succeed pope benedict when he resigns. many have suggested that the growth of catholicism in africa justifies a black pope. others say the strength of the church in latin america calls for a hispanic pope. dram 18 voting cardinals. 2/3 to elect the new pope. it is really speculation on who the new pope might be. a vatican spokesman says pope benedict will leave his post by the end of the month and a new pope will be in place by easter. a fugitive ex-cop from los angeles may have escaped to mexico, with some help. former l-a-p-d officer christopher dorner is charged with murdering a riverside california police officer and attempting to murder another officer. he is also suspected of killing the daughter of an ex-l-a-p-d captain, and her fiancé. authorities believe he's
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retaliating for being fired more than four years ago. there's a one million dollar reward for information that leads to his arrest. initially had to london 50 clues. we're now over a thousand. since the announcement of the reward. about 400 percent increase. court records say an associate may have helped dorner evade police. authorities found his wallet and i-d's near the u-s mexico border. we're cooking with the chef from the gold coast. ♪ ♪ constipated?
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report from trans union shows the national right of late payments is now at the lowest level. >> including wonder bread twinkies. the end of the stock is approaching. let's go ahead and check in on the market. stocks are trading slightly higher. investors are watching corporate earnings. also leading the state of the union address. american express is teaming up with card holders. taken to the specified pass tax to buy products on the social network. it is great advertising.
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cardmember's can purchase items for just $15. the sports illustrated swimsuit issue hits newsstands this week. the 50th anniversary of the iconic issue. generating 7% of the annual revenue. the last time the model was featured in back-to-back covers was one tayra banks did it. for the first time sports illustrated has chosen a swimsuit from target. live in chicago. >> the sport being dropped from the olympic spirit [ lisa ] my name's
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charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. they were out for revenge when they opened fire on her and her friends in a south side park two weeks ago. more than 5:00 p.m.. this year's south side irish parade will saulte the city's first responders. cook county sheriff's deputies, chicago firefighters and police officers will be serving as grand marshals. the parade, which kicks off march 10th, will also honor fallen first responders inclduing: chicago fire department captain herbie johnson, who was killed battling a fire in gage park. police officer michael flisk a 46-year-old vetran who was killed while investigating a burglary in 2-thousand-10 and firefighter walter patmon junior who suffered a heart attack while on duty at his firehouse in beverly after returning from a fire. president obama could release an executive order on cyber security as soon as tomorrow.
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it's intended to protect critical industries and infrastructure from cyber attacks. the order was drawn up last year, after congress failed to pass cyber defense legislation. cyber attacks have hit a number of major u-s companies and government agencies in recent months. one of the obama administration's goals is to improve information sharing about attacks among private companies and between companies and the government. the battery problems plaguing boeing's 7-87 dreamliners continue. now investigators are studying microscopic crystals as the possible source of the problem with its 787's battery system. it turns out tiny crystals called dendrites can cause lithium-ion batteries to short circuit -- potentially leading to overheating and battery failure. boeing's dreamliners were wrestling has been dropped from
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the 20-20 olympics by the international olympic committee. the games consist of only 26 sports and the "b-b-c" reports wrestling was cut to make way for a new sport. it will still be included in the 20-16 games in rio de janeiro and may not be gone forever. wrestling now goes into a pool of sports, including karate and squash, vying for the open spot. a final decision will be made in september. still to come this midday. tom zine to protect athletes from concussion related injuries. they need to practice tackling to learn. she says there's room for compromise. >> one of the things i'm doing later this month as having a public hearing i can hear the opposing side because i want to
12:25 pm
ultimately craft a bill that is a compromise that protect our youth but allows some of the fun and athleticism of the game. >> skilling has your full forecast!
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it is quite interesting. pretty legitimate. it is kind of surprising. it's not come upon us. we're moving in on the growing season. and several months will have farmers out in
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the field. we have some major dry weather problems. and is too early to announce an end. it will be nice to get a little extra moisture. and we had hoped these clouds and light park. we will break them up tonight. i'm afraid the afternoon looks pretty cloudy. that could push temperatures up. folks in the northern suburbs have been. it has been a wetter than normal pattern since december 1st. over 7.5 in. since december 1st. but that number takes into account rain and snow. how's
12:29 pm
that for a nice development? the winds of at least have come down over this overcast. temperatures have not recovered much. we have 27 at all here. we have enough wind gusts up to 20 m.p.h.. and 50-60 mi. per hour winds yesterday. enough to drop the wind chills down to pretty comfortable weather. wind is west at 10. humidity is 70%. they're all earlier this morning. these winds are
12:30 pm
trending. we have been melting some snow. still heavily snow- covered northern suburbs. thursday later on that night and freda maybe into saturday as well. two systems with a very real possibility. six degrees colder than 24 hours ago. here's some good news. march 26th has been the historic average of our first 60 degree temperature. and is amazing how closely the
12:31 pm
transit history. that is 68 days: a. something to look forward to as the days continue to link them. it is raining cats and dogs down south and snowing in parts of oklahoma. up to 5 in. of snow and sections of oklahoma. that is big snowball at loomis standards. we have some flood watches. here are the winter storm warnings. that system is passing safely stop the bus. these are frost warnings in southern california. he says it is the most miserable weather. he has experienced. to
12:32 pm
the north the winds blow from the west. here's the clipper that comes down later in the week. behind it the wind is dumping in from the arctic. that could set up some like a fax no. here's a closer look at how that the balls. we get into a gusty wind flow. it could bring some flurries at night. at that point we could get some like the fact snow flurries. is really bitter hard to care. it is going to change. our jet stream is buckling. we will settle for
12:33 pm
thirties today. temperatures in the low 40's tomorrow. will into the 30's on thursday. but we will spike up on monday. bring a single system. another one perhaps late thursday and friday next week. that is a long way off. the remaining cloudy and chile, less windy. we've had snow every moment or two today. high-temperature 35. tonight the clouds we hope will finally break. it turns a little chilly air. temperatures down to 20 well inland. partly sunny and mild tomorrow. a little sunshine
12:34 pm
through a lot of cloud cover on thursday. colder at night. a high 38 degrees. that is pretty reasonable. hot we will show you those two systems next week. they're very interesting. we have about a third of ourwe have had 19 and snows. it is always wet snow. the later you go, have that windshield wiper breaker thing. >> time for today's trivia.
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time for sports. the bears are parting ways with injured wide receiver johnny knox. the team announced it terminated his contract this morning. knox suffered a back injury against the seahawks late in 2011. he had surgery to repair a fractured vertebra, but he has
12:38 pm
not played since. knox played three seasons for the bears and went to the pro bowl as a rookie kick returner. he's still recovering from the inury and it's unclear if he'll be able to play football again. the bulls returned home to face a short-handed spurs team. bulls down six in the third. nate robinson drives for an acrobatic lay-up. he scored 11 of his team- high 20 points in the quarter. the bulls down nine in the fourth when jimmy butler loses it, and you're terrific. the way they share the ball. they are going to mickey and pay for mistakes. and you're not going to be successful the blackhawks return home tonight after a successful six- game road trip.
12:39 pm
they kick off a seven- game home stand against the second- place ducks. in business to come for a long time trying to bond. especially at the beginning of the season. it is always nice to come back home. anybody that tells a different is just lying to you. a good feeling to be back. we are definitely happy to be back. >> your illinois lottery drawing next.
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winning pick3 8,8,5 >>moving onto pick 4 >>winning pick4
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summing the prior is a breast cancer research. in a report by scientists. they suggest too little of the money the government spends on breast cancer research goes towards finding environmental causes of the disease. the report says that the federal agencies that spend the most, only about 10% of recent research involve the environment and prevention. the mental factors include radiation, pesticides, industrial pollutants, consumer products, drugs. a new study
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romantic valentine's dinner. he is the chef and general manager of the gold coast. this is the way to my heart. today we're going to be doing our famous. i have my butter down in a hot pan. we have some holes sage leaves and ear. at home we can use the cut bacon. just want to chalk that up. i think it has a better taste. that is what gives
12:49 pm
the celts. spread that a little bit here and want to make sure that it's nice and crispy. making things a little bit easier for us. a can be a little challenging. the grocery store stuff is pretty good as well. the confined in any local grocery store. you can also get it in the refrigerated food aisle. some specialty stores will have a fresh for you. we make a fresh every day at the restaurant. i have to come in there to actually get the really good stuff. a good indicator to know that you'll usually see one or two type of boils at the top.
12:50 pm
every year at the restaurant we do this wonderful event for valentine's day. it is kind of a dinner and a movie. we do a five course dinner. each guest gets a little cocktail to start with. tickets and truffle popcorn. we also give them a bottle of wine to share. then we send them home with a bottle. you're really getting the decadence of valentine's day. >> and of set the restaurant up into an old fashion theater. it is very romantic. this year
12:51 pm
we're going to be showing casa blanca. >> it is perfect. we have our ad going. you wanted to be nice and runny. it gives it that nice rich flavor. we're going to put that over. they are already starting to pop up. we're going to take these out of the boiling water. we're going to put the is right in here. you want to get it to a nice brown color. that way really gets the flavor. it brings in nice natural earth the element to the dish. once you have that,, we can take this and plate it. we can always use a
12:52 pm
little bit more at home. it is a pre decadent-. there really is so satisfying the do not need a ton of this. we're going to take our eggs and we are going to lay right on the top. at the restaurant like to finish it with some freshly grated parmesan. a little bit of parsley just like that. this is what you're going to do. you're going to have your knife and your fork. on love it. take your knife. you just want to bring to read over the top there. if you want to go to the valentine's night of romance they have the movie viewing all while sipping
12:53 pm
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: on this day in 1964, the first u.s. beatles concert was at carnegie hall in new york. what was the largest venue where the beatles performed live? a. woodstock b. shea stadium c. candlestick park the answer: b. shea stadium. it seats 56,000 people. the beatles sold it out in 1965, and played to 46,000 there in 1966. it is just incredible. it is kind of cool and brought out there. uc the 42-no ma. that is
12:56 pm
the milder air that is coming for our area tomorrow. there is the cold they're gathering up to the north. ready to make a move on us. here is the forecast. that is a moderate band of cold. down comes the cold arctic air that hits over the weekend. keeping daytime highs in the '20s. we bring in a storm system. the first of two out into the midwest. some more coal there comes down. another storm comes in later next week. he they're one of these could be small producers. here's our forecast. we keep the clouds into the evening hours. tomorrow
12:57 pm
will creep up after 20s tonight. will creep up close to 40 degrees probably in the low 40's. hill beat back in the 40's again during the them thursday. the cold air begins to dump in. the currency of international falk was down below zero. hear the wind chills. by friday morning we wake up to the wind chill of 10 around here. there are the winds coming in the next few days. i want to show you just quickly this weather system. tonight at 5 and 9 we will show you some more. 43 tomorrow, sunshine. 38 on
12:58 pm
thursday. snow showers on friday and snow showers on saturday. those could be enhanced. mostly cloudy on sunday. may be sprinkled on monday ahead of the snow on tuesday. >> is delicious. >> thank you so much for joining us. we're going to leave you with more music. >> [music]
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